This was entirely a solo project, aimed at getting more experience creating a show bible.

Animated Sitcoms have had a huge impact on me growing up and the pursuit of creating my own is one of the reasons I entered the animation field.

The question of whether the world needs another sitcom is always the one most damming when trying to conceive of a new one.
In my justifications I decided that if I could represent modern issues in an arena set in the future, offering potential solutions to the seemingly silly issues that humanity faces today by utilizing characters that exist in an alternative world setting. This would allow me to create a distance between the trauma and the individual creating a third person perspective on problems that may be too confronting in a direct context.
Most of all, I wanted to create something that could have a positive impact on the individuals that would consume it.

To achieve this, I knew that a lot of research would be required. I took a residency at my school, acquiring a workspace where I would then conduct many interviews with my classmates and teachers, talking about their family life. Getting into the finer details of their experiences.

These interviews where incredibly insightful and brought much to my writing process. Yet, I also felt a responsibility to include everyone’s experience, as I had felt so honored that they would share it with me. I re-listened to the 50 hours’ worth of interviews and begun to drown in all my data, unsure on how to best process all of it. This had a negative effect on the product, that I had to hand in a month after the interviews.
I feel that this bible merely represents the start of what it has the potential to be: